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Our Team

Jason Rapert
Founder & President

Jason is focused on helping clients develop strategies and solutions tailored to their individual needs.  He has expertise as a former State Senator, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Non-Profit CEO, Business Owner & Consultant. 


He is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas and has worked for regional, national and international financial services firms and insurance companies since 1995.  With 29 years experience in the insurance and financial services industry, Jason has the knowledge and expertise to assist you or your organization on most any project. 

Jason served in the Arkansas State Senate from 2011 to 2023. He was an officer and past president of the National Council of Insurance Legislators, and speaks around the country on public policy issues including finance, insurance, leadership, faith, family and freedom through the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, the American History & Heritage Foundation and Holy Ghost Ministries

Jason has previous experience working with Farmers Insurance Group, Edward Jones Investments, Merrill Lynch, ProEquities and Sowell Management.  He opened his own independent financial services company in 2010. 


Jason has relationships with local, state and federal government officials across the entire country, and he is well known at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and National Council of Insurance Legislators.

Laurie Rapert
Vice President

Laurie has helped build their company and manage the business since inception. She currently assists clients with project management and customer service issues for Providence Financial Group.  

In addition to her administrative and customer service abilities, Laurie has prior experience as a licensed teacher having taught at the New School in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Conway Public Schools and Conway Christian School. She also taught for several years at the Liberty Homeschool Academy in Conway as well.

With her excellent teaching skills and customer service abilities, she has been an important partner helping Jason with their financial services and insurance business. 

Laurie has been active in the political arena alongside Jason for many years and was elected to serve as a proud Arkansas delegate to the 2012 GOP National Presidential Nominating Convention. She has vast campaign experience having worked alongside Jason during four successful state senate campaigns. 

Over the years Laurie has been very active in the faith based non-profit arena as well serving as a board member and officer of Holy Ghost Ministries since 2002.  Faith and family are important priorities for the Rapert family and they are also important priorities for Providence Financial Group as well. 

Laurie is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas. She and Jason have been married for 34 years and they have two daughters.

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